Website Design and Digital Marketing Solutions

No matter how great of a business you have, if you don’t tell the right story to the right people at the right time, nobody will know. Digital marketing is shifting – people are tired of being talked to, they want to be talked with. Constant noise barrages your audience – out of tune and off-key. What’s needed is not fewer notes, but the right notes. I work to create and play them. Whether you are seeking website design, growth from your social media or help implementing email marketing, I provide digital solutions that build engaged audiences and turn them into customers.

The key to digital marketing solutions:

Design success – Design is not a decorative add-on but essential – it allows a creative enterprise the opportunity to add value and reduce risk. Successful design can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and is never an accident.

Offer value – Let the world know you offer something worthwhile, something of value. Work towards selling to those who actually want to hear your message rather than interrupting strangers who don’t. Let them know what’s in it for them and create a reason for the world to think of you.

Connect properly – From print to pixels, the mix of communications options continue to grow. Explore and experiment to determine an effective media blend that allows your story to connect. Print, direct, digital, social, mobile, broadcast – are they relevant? Maybe. What’s important is telling your story effectively using the proper media to reach out to a receptive audience.

Communicate accurately – Explore the benefits and risks of various voices and tones of communication. Your audience responds to connections more than facts. Imagine how your audience will react, process and respond. Are you likely to connect with subtle and conservative or spirited and bold? How do you capture and communicate your true spirit and message in a compelling way?

Stay consistent – Balance and consistency in design, style, tone and emotion ensures your story connects with your audience across all forms of media.

Offer excellence – Your brand will be built by your customers experiences. A mark, a logo or a great tag line means nothing without exceptional customer experiences.

Inspire action – An integrated story for your enterprise across all media inspires action – creating new clients, customers and fans.

Rapid change is exhausting and exhilarating, requiring constant exploration and imagination to create effective solutions to reaching your market. My process develops creative solutions with functional creativity, creating value for your audience and you.

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