My Design and Development Process

The creative process begins simply with paper, pen and brains – a low tech and high concept approach to functional creativity to excite the senses, inspire the mind and invoke action.

Jumpstarting your web design and digital development project

You love what you do and believe in its value. To do a great job, I need to know a lot about your business and customers. So I’ll ask a lot of questions – I’ll become a believer – one with a fresh outlook and a different perspective. The shared passion adds to the creative mix with a common goal of inspiring new fans.

My initial focus is listening, learning and understanding who your customers are and how they think. I’ll question everything, not forgetting to listen to the answers. The focus turns to exploring strategy, strategy into imaginative design, then the development of great user experiences making creative enterprises come alive.

Online Marketing Strategies and Implementation

We’ll discuss methods, approaches, products and changing technologies, but I’ll make it easy to understand. I’ll learn from you and you’ll learn from me.

We’ll explore three simple questions to light the way:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Who cares about what you do?
  3. How to tell your story to those who care?

The answers to these questions will drive the design, creation and implementation of your marketing. You’ll have all the moving parts of an effective and integrated marketing plan and a story to connect with the moving target that is your market.

Contact me and we’ll design success.
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