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Website Design and Digital Marketing

You can sense quality  – so can your readers, clients and potential customers. Messaging conveying professionalism, credibility, authority and reliablity creates trust which leads to action. I create seamless, integrated and consistent messaging that reads and displays beautifully across all platforms –  quality digital and print products with value to your audience and you.

Website design and development

I help clients acquire more customers through their website and social media channels. My work goes far beyond simply creating a cool looking website with links to social media and a contact form. I develop a structure to allow design, content, lead capture tools and ecommerce to work together to create a compelling message which drives viewers to act. My goal is developing a website that converts.

I develop engaging and stable web solutions. My sites include integration with social media profiles, e-commerce systems with various payment gateways and lead generation strategies integrated with multiple third party applications and web solutions, all powered by robust and easy to administer systems.

Sometimes just getting an idea of what’s possible can provide you with real insights into how you can drive your business online and the potential competitive advantages. Browse through some of my website design work for ideas.

While you can now easily get a website for just a few dollars, once your site exceeds more than a dozen pages or so, it gets surprisingly hard to structure and integrate all the various features and services your clients now expect. Your important calls to action and lead captures get lost, readers leave or never engage with your site. A free site really doesn’t have much value if it’s not engaging and generating customers or building your brand.

A poorly designed or developed website won’t be usable. Or profitable. A return on your investment requires your visitors to act. And to do that, you need to plan your digital product around two things:

  1. What you want your visitors to do (your call to action); and

  2. What your visitors want to do

If there are conflicts between your needs and theirs, I’ll find ways to resolve them. I emphasize clarity and simplicity. A well structured website will ensure your website clearly explains your offering, tells readers what they need to know, and leads them toward your call to action.

If you’ve been frustrated with your website and want to know how to make it an asset then we should talk.

Search engine optimization

Helping you be found online is one of my strengths.  No tricks or gimmicks – I take advantage of the tools and rules offered by the search engines. I develop ethical, content-first, natural SEO which delivers valuable and measurable sales opportunities from organic search.

SEO isn’t simple and the rules are constantly changing. Search engines have devised advanced ways to understand what makes for a “good” website – if you make a “good” website, you’ll be rewarded. I create the proper structure combined with credible content so your site will rank well in Google’s search results AND compel visitors to act.

Content that converts

Quality copy can make the difference between readers leaving after a few seconds and an engaged audience. I craft a message that guides your reader through your message and finally to your call to action. Working hard to understand your business, its needs, your customers and their needs I’ll structure your message to convey the benefits of your offering.

Content marketing differentiates those that do well online from those that do not. Content marketing drives customer engagement, boosts search engine rankings and increases social media exposure. Content marketing is simply copywriting that reaches out and connects with prospects by providing them with interesting and valuable content that starts a dialogue with the goal of turning strangers into friends.

People like to share online – create great content and you’ll benefit. People are using social media to broadcast and share not just their lives, but the content that you’re producing too. Search engines are utlizing social sharing and social sharing will be one of the most influential ranking factors – put the effort into content marketing now and you’ll benefit in social media, with your SEO and by gaining customers.

Social media marketing

Most of my clients’ web traffic is generated from social media – this determines how I create develop websites – it goes far beyond setting up and integrating the social media profiles and linking to your website.

Leveraging social media in a meaningful way with a return on time and money invested is a widespread issue for business owners, but I can help you make sense of it. Social media can be a challenging medium for many businesses. While there’s opportunity in social media, if you’re not skilled with the tools and rules, working in the social media space can be frustrating.

Working in the social media space is time consuming. It involves developing a strategy to convert customers into believers and ambassadors, integrating the strategy into your website, creating and implementing social media promotions and the never ending content creation.  Working in the social media space is now also vital.

Implemented correctly and genuinely, a well designed social media campaign and presence builds trust and relationships with your customers. It will increase brand recognition, provide greater visibility and most importantly will improve conversion and call to action rates. Working in the social media space is worth the effort.

My call to action?

I want you to learn more about what I do, then I want you to  tell me about your project. Give me a call to find out how these digital solutions can benefit your business.

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