Engaging with aging

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Photographer Isa Leshko, created a touching and intimate glimpse into the lives of elderly animals. Below is a small sample of her gallery of moving black and white photographs. From her artist statement:

In order to achieve a sense of intimacy in these portraits, I spend several hours with the animals I photograph and I try to visit them multiple times. Depending on the animal, I may spend an hour or so simply lying on the ground next to the creature before I take a single image. This approach helps the animal acclimate to my presence and to my equipment and it allows me to observe the animal without being focused on picture taking.

I am creating these photographs to gain a deeper understanding about what it means to be mortal and to exorcise my fears of aging. I have come to realize that these images are self-portraits, or at the very least, they are manifestations of my fears and hopes about what I will be like when I am old. My intention is to take an honest and unflinching look at old age and I want these images to inspire others to become aware of and to engage with their own attitudes toward aging and mortality.

Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33

Phyllis, Southdown Sheep, Age 13

Rooster, Age unknown

Kiri, Great Plains Wolf, Age 17


…make sure to read all of her artist statement – the backstory and a short documentary makes the series even more engaging.

To see more images from this series or to purchase prints, please visit: http://isaleshko.com/elderly-animals